Miles & More

Earn miles from the first meter.

Economy € 1.- = 1 mile
Business € 1.- = 2 miles
  • AirportDriver awards Miles & More bonus miles, not status miles.
  • AirportDriver miles are redeemable for all Miles & More rewards.
  • Miles & More’s terms and conditions for mileage redemption apply
  • Special fares (corporate agreements, transfer ticket, value cards) are excluded from miles earning.
  • Payment can only be made in cash or by credit card directly in the vehicle.
  • Earning miles is possible only with a valid Miles & More card number.
  • The card number must be stated when ordering. Subsequent entry of the card number in the vehicle is not possible.
  • Subsequent crediting of miles please send to AirportDriver in writing including a copy of the Miles & More card and a copy of the original invoice from the vehicle. The name of the Miles & More card must match the name of the AirportDriver booking.
  • The AirportDriver Miles & More program is subject to the general conditions of the Miles & More program.